Cleaning Content Improve SEO

How Cleaning Content can Improve SEO

Any good blog needs a healthy amount of content to keep running smoothly. Being consistent in putting out content helps keep visitors coming back and gives them a good reason to spend their time on your site thus helping its SEO.

However, eventually, it can become too much, and while new content is always a must, pushing it out as quickly as when you started can lead to your site’s health worsening. While having every article be a hit is a nice dream, the reality of the situation isn’t as kind. Older articles will, most likely, continue to perform worse due to decreasing interest or outdated information and you may also have articles that fall short of expected viewership goals. 


Creating and optimizing new content is good, but having underperforming content continue to be as is, will cause the SEO of the site to diminish. Rather, tuning up old content or removing it entirely can be far more beneficial to bettering your site’s SEO.

Despite this, you may find yourself, reasonably so, afraid to change or remove old content, even if it is outdated and performing poorly. It is easy to find yourself concerned about whether doing so could result in further SEO drops but when done correctly, this isn’t something to worry about.

Simply going about removing or altering any article that is underperforming won’t really achieve better results. It is a process that takes time and effort with initiatives such as these:

  • A qualitative and qualitative audit of content 
  • Content mapping 
  • SEO mapping 
  • Effective utilization of redirects
Cleaning Content Improve SEO

Since taking an in-depth look at these practices can take all day, the basics are this, analysing content on both quality and effectiveness, creating or updating content to more closely match its targeted demographic, updating or inserting keywords to more closely match current trends and keeping the train of content running continuously by using redirects to keep all related articles, new or old, connected and easily accessed by the reader. 

The focus should be kept on giving your blog a fresh feel that will actively engage visitors and boost SEO traffic. It is important to begin with content that you believe still has value or potential and examine it to see if it’s still relevant to your organization and its target audience.

Cleaning Content Improve SEO

Considering the quality of the content rather than its quantity and knowing how to optimize it in accordance with an existing SEO strategy is highly important. Re-promoting and re-publishing content, especially on social media, is another avenue to boost article and topic relevancy, though, once again, needs to be handled with care to be effective.  

It’s not an easy operation to clean up, remove, and refresh old, outdated content, and it shouldn’t be done quickly. When the necessary time and procedures are taken, however, the outcomes can be remarkable and important. Breaking the loop of simply releasing more material on top of old, out-of-date content is important to consider and should you need specific guidance or someone more well versed to handle things, we at Tunnel Solution are happy to be of assistance.

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