You’ll soon be able to Quietly Leave Annoying WhatsApp groups

The experience of having to stay on a WhatsApp group against our choice in order to avoid any unnecessary drama is an experience that all of us can relate to. However, soon that won’t be the case as WhatsApp will be giving its users the ability to quit group chats without providing notice to the group in addition to other features such as choosing who can view their online status and blocking screenshots on “View Once” messages.

These new features, according to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, will help keep WhatsApp communications “as private and safe as face-to-face conversations.” The popular chat app will begin rolling out these updates this month through a global campaign that will begin in the UK. 


As it stands, when you leave a group, Whatsapp notifies all group members of this event which can, undoubtedly, be quite annoying for the ones leaving. With this new update, however, you will now be able to quietly exit any group you wish without most of the other members being aware of your departure. Unfortunately, admins will still be notified of the event so it’s not quite as squeaky clean an exit as one might hope. 

Additionally, you’ll also have control over which of your contacts will be able to see when you are online on the platform. Select contacts will be able to see your current online status, while it will be hidden for everyone else. 

WhatsApp’s emphasis on “developing product features that empower users to have more control and privacy over their messages” is, according to product head Ami Vora, the core reason behind these updates. 


She asserted that WhatsApp was the most secure platform for private communication:

“No other global messaging service at this scale provides this level of security for their users’ messages, media, voice messages, video calls, and chat back-ups.”

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