How to determine your audience for google ads?

You’re probably here to figure out how to do your google ads? well, look no more! We can help you out.First of all, Google ads is one of the most efficient and cost effective marketing platforms, so good choice. Read below on how it can help you with your business. You’re probably trying to promote your products or services by using google ads, setting up an audience group is one of the most crucial points to be considered cause google will charge you per customer view. So you wanna make sure your ads are shown to the right audience, let’s say if you sold baby products, and wanted to sell the latest diaper with the best odor repellent, stretchable and fitting technologies, you wouldn’t want your ad to be shown to a teenage gamer? Seeing the age and interest it’s very irrelevant.
To dodge that sort of mishap we help you get into the mind of your customer and predict the appropriate and relevant searches that will give your ad the most hits.

What does that exactly mean?We can help you target the type of customers who are appropriate for your product/service. Let’s go back to the previous example, say you are selling baby products then your customers would for example be expecting married couples, single parents, or women expecting a child and so on.Vis a vis “getting into the mind of your customer”, you need to think from a customer’s POV, what kind of pages would they visit, what kind of searches would they often do or what kind of content would they be interested to view etc.
According to the aforementioned scenario, we can safely say your customer could be visiting baby related pages, How-To videos, posting question about diaper rashes, shopping for pacifiers, posting baby pictures on their social networks, the list is endless.So, when you have enlisted all the possible outcomes, you now have the ability to set your audience with respect to these interests and target that particular niche.And hey! If you have any more questions our squad at Tunnel can totally help you with that, hit us up for a free consultation.

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